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Elevate Your Venue with Mr Whippy Soft Serve

Bring the classic taste of Mr. Whippy to your venue! Perfect for cafes, restaurants, and any place with a soft serve machine, our rebranding service lets you offer Mr. Whippy’s famous ice cream using your current setup. It’s a simple way to add a beloved brand to your menu, delighting customers and enhancing your dessert offerings.

Why Choose Mr Whippy?

  • Quality: Delight your customers with the creamy, delicious taste of Mr Whippy soft serve, loved by people of all ages.

  • Brand Appeal: Boost your venue’s appeal with the renowned Mr Whippy brand, attracting more visitors and setting you apart from competitors.

  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate Mr. Whippy’s soft serve into your existing setup, offering a cost-effective way to upgrade your menu.

  • Marketing Boost: Benefit from our range of Mr Whippy branded materials to effectively market your new dessert option.

  • Flavourful Variety: Diversify your dessert offerings with Mr Whippy’s array of flavors, catering to every customer’s taste.

Who Can Benefit?

Ideal for: 

  • Cafes & Coffee Shops: Complement your beverages with a sweet touch of Mr Whippy, perfect as a dessert or a delightful treat.

  • Restaurants: Elevate your dessert offerings with the timeless charm of Mr Whippy, featuring favorites flavours.

  • Entertainment Spots: Serve quick and delicious Mr Whippy treats at cinemas, amusement parks, or any entertainment venue.

  • Event Catering: Distinguish your catering service by providing Mr Whippy soft serve, a surefire hit at any event.

Get Started with Mr Whippy

Ready to delight your customers with Mr Whippy soft serve? Contact us today to discover more about our rebranding services and begin your journey to sweeter success!

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90% fat free & contains less sugar than other ice creams & snack bars.

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