Elevate Your Event with the Mr Whippy Cart Experience

Iconic Soft Serve Delight for Every Occasion!

Elevate your event with the delightful Mr Whippy Cart! Suitable for any size event, from small gatherings to big parties, our cart serves up everyone’s favorite soft serve ice cream with a variety of tasty toppings.


The Mr Whippy Cart is all about making memories. Treat your guests to the sweet, nostalgic flavors that everyone from kids to grandparents will adore.

An elegant touch for indoor or outdoor settings

Add a touch of elegance to any space with the Mr Whippy Cart. This quick and stylish option is perfect for spots where the larger Mr Whippy Van can’t go. From indoor venues, including shopping centres, to the great outdoors, this smaller cart delivers the beloved soft serve joy to intimate affairs as well as busy public events.

You can enjoy the experience at weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, school functions, festivals, sports matches, parks, charity fundraisers, concerts, seaside celebrations, private gatherings, promotional events, art showings, food markets, campus activities, farmers markets, carnivals, outdoor movie nights, and various pop-up occasions.

Want to sprinkle extra joy at your event?

Click below and let the Mr Whippy Cart Experience make your gathering unforgettable!

All the Classics & more since ‘58

90% fat free & contains less sugar than other ice creams & snack bars.

What’s your Flavour? Let’s make your fav combo!