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All the Classics & more since ‘58

90% fat free & contains less sugar than other ice creams & snack bars.

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Mr Whippy Has Partnered up With Metro Petroleum to Bring Mr Whippy Local.

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Welcome to Mr Whippy – Australia’s Go-To for Ice Cream Van Hire

Discover the joy of Mr Whippy, more than just an ice cream van, it’s a symbol of celebration across Australia. Ideal for parties, corporate events, and any festive gathering, our vans bring the delight of soft-serve ice cream right to your doorstep. With Mr Whippy, every event is transformed into an unforgettable experience.

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Are you planning a party, wedding, or corporate event? Elevate it with Book Mr Whippy Van. Our vans are ready to serve your guests a variety of delicious, creamy soft-serve ice creams, turning every occasion into a sweet celebration. Booking is simple and guarantees a delightful addition to your event.

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In the mood for a Mr Whippy? We’re closer than you think. Our vans are available at various locations, including select Metro Petroleum sites, ensuring easy access to our tasty treats. Visit our website to locate the nearest Mr Whippy van and indulge in your favorite flavors.

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