Enjoy Mr. Whippy’s Refreshing Ice Cream at Metro Petroleum

When you think of a petrol station, ice cream might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet,  Mr Whippy has become a beloved fixture at many Metro Petroleum sites across Australia. This unique partnership has redefined the concept of convenience, offering a delightful treat where customers least expect it.


Under the umbrella of the Dib Group, Mr Whippy and Metro Petroleum have united to redefine the concept of convenience at petrol stations. This strategic move introduces Mr Whippy’s beloved ice creams, thick shakes, and slush to Metro Petroleum sites, transforming routine fuel stops into delightful experiences.

Benefits for Customers:

The presence of  Mr Whippy at Metro Petroleum sites offers a unique convenience to customers. Whether refueling their vehicles or taking a break from a long drive, customers can indulge in a nostalgic treat. This combination has turned routine stops into enjoyable experiences, adding value to the customer’s journey.

Testimonials and Customer Experiences:

Customers have warmly received  Mr Whippy at Metro sites. Many express delight in finding their favorite ice cream available at a petrol station, often recalling fond memories associated with the brand. Testimonials often highlight the joy and surprise of such an unexpected find during their travels.

Future Plans for Expansion and Collaboration:

The success of this partnership has opened avenues for further expansion. Plans are underway to introduce  Mr Whippy at more Metro Petroleum locations, making this delightful experience more widely accessible. The collaboration is also exploring innovative ways to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

The Mr Whippy and Metro Petroleum partnership exemplifies how thinking outside the box can lead to extraordinary customer experiences. By combining the practicality of a petrol station with the joy of ice cream, they have created a unique brand synergy that resonates with customers of all ages. As this partnership continues to grow, it stands as a testament to the power of innovative collaboration in enhancing everyday experiences.


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