Serving Ice-Cream Since ‘58

Unique Taste

The same taste that captivated Australians since the 1960s is BACK. The real ice cream taste is now available in a thickshake.

Iconic Brand

It has been apart of the Australian culture right through the 60’s to the early 90’s. AND NOW ITS BACK.

Now Local

You can now get the Mr Whippy taste at your local Metro Petroleum.

About Us

All About
Mr Whippy.

At Mr. Whippy we are best known for our iconic soft serve ice-creams, a prominent memory in many Australian childhoods.

The average Australian has grown up with happy and fond memories of Mr. Whippy and here is why.

On a summers morning in 1962 our iconic pink trucks arrived at botany bay Sydney, it wasn’t long after till every Australian, young and old began chasing the pink trucks down the street whilst the infamous tune was playing. Following great success, the brand rose to fame and was recognised all around the country.

It was apart of the Australian culture right through the 60’s to the early 90’s. Dib Group purchased the company in 2019 and we are here to bring it back with our new and improved Mr. Whippy thick shakes and Soft serves!

Did you know Rupert Grint bought a 1974
Mr. Whippy Bedford van to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming an ice cream man.

From the Mr. Whippy Ice-Cream company being founded in Birmingham, England by Dominic Facchino, to being featured in The Beatles film Help! in 1965. Mr Whippy has come a long way as you can see below.

All the Classics & more since ‘65

90% fat free & contains less sugar than other ice creams & snack bars.

What’s your Flavour? Let’s make your fav combo!